What I learnt this weekend…


…time may fly when you’re having fun, but it crawls by like a snail when you’re counting down the hours days until your flight home.

…thanks, but no thank negroni sbagliato.  I’ll happily stick with my Aperol Spritz.

…while The Bagel Factory in Milan might make a mean veggie omelette on a bagel, sometimes nothing can beat the simplicity of a multi-grain bagel with hummus.  I would still choose an everything flagel with butter every day, though.

…I might not always like Italian fashion, but since they invented an I ❤ Croissant tank top, it can’t be all that bad.

…if I ever said I didn’t like Lana del Rey, I was lying.  This song has been on repeat pretty much the entire weekend.

…put on  a sweater.  Preferably cable knit.

…it’s always a good idea to try and get some kind of work done.

…that being said, if you see your good friend to whom you haven’t talked to in forever on skype, call them.  You won’t regret it.

…my goodness, go out on Saturday night, even if it means being a little tired on Sunday.

…yogurt and granola is one of the most perfect breakfasts ever invented.

…sometimes I think I prefer doing yoga to doing anything else.

…marzipan is a love/hate sweet in any language.

…read a good book, it will make you feel better.

…Sant’Ambroeus may give you a little chocolate, but the caffè lungo macchiato at Traveggia is, in my humble opinion, far superior.

…sometimes, more than a Saturday morning croissant or relaxing walk in the rain, what you really need is a hug from your mother.

What did you learn this past weekend?


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