Thanks for the Vintage Reel Award!

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Well, I’m feeling quite popular as of late, two awards within month, I’m floored.  Thank you everyone for reading, liking and commenting!  I’m always thrilled to visit this little space and put my thoughts down in black and white type.

Recently Alli Blair from The Vintage Postcard nominated me for the Vintage Reel blog award, you can read the background to this awesome travel-centric award here.  Make sure to check out her inspiring adventures while you’re there!

Here are the rules:

1. Upload an old photo of yourself and describe a story behind it
2. Answer the 4 questions
3. Nominate 10 other nominees

The photo I uploaded is an image of me in Durham during my university tour de England in 2010.  My parents and I had just arrived in the city after coming from Leeds.  Although it may look idyllic, we’re actually hopelessly lost, tired and annoyed with each other.  Luckily, it was the late-May warm weekend that England has annually (it then gets hopelessly cold for the rest of spring).  The process of finding our hotel will involve walking up a very steep hill, calling several times and risking our lives crossing round-abouts.  Welcome to England!

1. What is your favourite childhood memory?  Honestly, there are so many childhood memories that make me smile, but the one that I constantly return to is driving home from my uncle’s house on Christmas eve and searching the black sky above the New Jersey turnpike for Santa’s sleigh.  I think about that every year and it makes traveling during Christmas just a hint more bearable.

2. Describe how you were as a child and how you are now. Are you pretty much the same in terms of what excites you and interests you?  I wish that I could say that I was different, but I’m pretty similar.  I still love my vintage Nancy Drew books, I hate conflict, I can cry at the drop of the hat and I’m quite shy.  The major difference is that I try to move beyond my limitations now and try new things.  I will, however, always have a five year old living inside of me who wants to play with Barbies all day.

3. Who is that person in your life that you couldn’t live without?  I would say my parents, but that feels like a cop out.  Instead, I’ll say my friend who I’ve known since I was seven-years old.  We keep moving in and out of each other’s lives, but we always see each other when we come back home and talk as if no time has passed.  I know that we might not talk every day, but we can travel far and come back to our childhood together.  It helps that we’ve had pretty similar school experiences!

4. What are your major barriers to travel that you overcome in order to continue traveling? (Money, time, work, etc).  I’d say time and money are the major things that I have to overcome in order to keep traveling.  Time because I’m in university, I’m busy!  Money because, hey, the dollar isn’t the strongest currency in the world.

My ten nominated blogs:

  1. Maple and Saffron
  2. My Erasmus Adventure
  3. Marguerite Goes to London
  4. Louise In Europe
  5. The Central Station
  6. The Adventures of elAltl boy
  7. Sha’s Random Thoughts
  8. Global Explorer Club
  9. Russel Ray Photos
  10. Star Spangled Dreams

Your turn!  Go ahead, answer one of the questions!


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