Buvette’s (mini) Croissants

Mini Croissants from Buvette

For the past handful of years my family has gone out for brunch on Easter Sunday.  It is, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the holiday, which always feels like an awkward surprise.  Easter doesn’t have the popularity of passover in New York, nor does it have the appeal of St Patrick’s day.  It is one of those holidays that you forget exists until the week day before.

Brunch is the perfect solution to Easter’s unwelcome pop-in.  You can add and subtract people as they come and go.  You can’t make a reservation and there is a buzz of excitement in the restaurant air.  It’s the perfect meal to make a little decadent with the addition of a chocolatey dessert afterwards.  Of course, I can justify a dessert of chocolate after most anything, but it’s kind of required after Easter brunch, don’t you think?

This year we decided to go to Buvette in the West Village.  The restaurant seemed to be popping up everywhere and I felt it was time to try it out.  Thankfully, I did find an ideal moment; it would have been quite the shame to miss out on this adorable restaurant.

Buvette offers tapas-style food.  They’re medium-sized plates that you can share amongst people or enjoy as an entree.  Its just enough food for a normal meal, but you can easily justify ordering a couple more plates than there are people for a celebration.  We ended up having the shaved brussels sprouts salad, leeks in mustard vinaigrette, croque foresteir, octopus salad and, of course, the croissants.

It’s that last bit we’ll focus on, obviously.

The croissants were served first.  There were two mini ones presented on a plate with an oversized dollop of jam and butter.  I thought the jam and butter was a bit overkill, but perhaps it was there to make the six dollar price tag palatable.  Nevertheless, for a croissant purist like myself, the added condiments caused raised eyebrows.  How good could they possibly be if the restaurant was suggesting I add butter and preserves?

While they weren’t ideal — the outside was soft and the butter flavor was only partially present — they weren’t as bad as all the toppings would suggest.  Although the outsides were dark and seemingly crispy, biting into one revealed a uniform texture and softness.  Not my style.  The bottom, usually the crunchy/buttery amazing party, was thin and barely browned.

I know, it seems as if I didn’t like the croissants.  The issue, however, was purely in the size.  Had they been bigger there would have intrinsically been a greater distinction between the outside and the inside.  You would have been able to pull apart the layers and really taste the butter.  Gigantism is an issue in the croissant gene pool, but mini ones aren’t going to solve the problem.

While the croissants at Buvette were perfectly fine, they pale in comparison to the other options on offer.  Do yourself a favor and order the sprouts instead, you’ll be happy you did.

Do you enjoy mini versions of foods?

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