The Sun Shines Brighter in NYC

Bleecker Street
It’s Spring Break!  Apparently, according to everyone I meet abroad, spring break is the most american thing you can possibly say.  I may have been able to shift my vocabulary away from many American-isms during my time abroad, but spring break dies hard.  Go figure.

Except for the past couple of days of glorious sun and warm, don’t-need-a-jacket weather, I’ve been bundling myself up in scarves and freezing my toes in boat shoes.  Not that I’m complaining (much).  Life is pretty good, but these are the standout things that are putting a smile on my little face recently.

good coffee

memory foam pillows

flipping around tv

magazine back issues


bright, colorful flowers around trees

walks outside after dinner

kiehls face lotion

a new Bill Bryson book to read

a skype break (as in, a break from skype)

-5 hours

couch as office

jeans that fit

green juice

booster shots for said green juice from organic avenue

Nancy Drew pre-orders open today

working in cafes

red pants

fish tacos (where have you been all my life?)

creativity in the air


 your own work

learning new skills

Strala Yoga (always)

my big american oven


What has been making you happy recently?


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