It’s Okay

Croissants (and an almond one too)

Sometimes when I feel sad/overwhelmed/have a mega case of the sundays/annoyed, I like to play a little game with myself.  I like to think of all the things I allow myself to do.  I make a list of ridiculous things and serious things and things that are so obvious I don’t even think about them.  Here’s a list of all the things I’m allowing myself to do today.  What about you?

…to prefer to read silly books as opposed to the great nineteenth century novel.

…to not feel bad about sneezing in a silent room.

…to still furrow your brow when people get all complicated with vocabulary.

…to get distracted when you know you should be focused.

…to prefer to do weightlifting for arms as opposed to legs.  But it’s always a good idea to do a little leg workouts.

…t0 love American history purely because of American Girl Dolls.

…to hate take off.

…to love landing (only when it’s in NYC).

…to run through airports and nearly push down people to get to the immigration line.  As long as you don’t really push down people.

…to need to always remind yourself to say hi to people you know on the street.

…to not want to eat anything other than sunflower seed butter.  and croissants, too.

…to be glad that the person next to you on the plane doesn’t actually ever need to use the airsickness bag, despite holding it up to their face during 32.45% of the nearly nine-hour journey.

…to pretend like you’re going to drink tea and then drink coffee instead.

…to get angry, as long as you can get un-angry.

…to have no interest in knitting, no matter how trendy it is.

…if you perpetually feel underdressed or overdressed and never right on the dime.

…to not finish that book.

…to reread.

…to make silly faces talking on the phone walking down the street (note: this is okay in Italy as well).

…to kind of want to cry when your suitcase breaks.  We had a good two and half years.  I guess 30 kilos is kind of a lot to stuff in a suitcase.

What do you give yourself permission to do?


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