Upright Coffee – Only When It’s Easy

Cappuccino in a paper cup

I’ve never been to Greenpoint.  My  few experiences with Harlem  come from buses and an awkward school trip to Spanish Harlem, which, admittedly, isn’t the same neighborhood.  You know how I feel about the Lower East Side and the ride through East New York to get to the airport is enough to make you glad you are leaving the city.  Well, okay, no one in their right mind would go to East New York, so I guess that doesn’t really count.

What I’m trying to say, by explaining my sometimes lacking relationships with important New York neighborhoods is that I do not, by and large, leave the litte bubble I’ve created for myself.  It’s quite unfortunate.  Sure, every now and then we add a new area.  The East Village is, quite frankly, a recent addition into my orbit as is Williamsburg.  I have a feeling the Gowanus will be up and coming what with Crop to Cup, Runner and Stone and that meal I must have at Little Neck.  The addition of a new neighborhood is a process and, when a new one is added, a momentous occasion indeed.

That is why I hadn’t visited Upright Coffee — the original location is in Greenpoint — before this trip.  Sure, I heard they made great coffee.  I was interested in visiting Greenpoint/the-new-Williamsburg, but even coffee wasn’t enough to convince me to make a journey to that far-away land.  I feel bad because it’s quite clear that by avoiding Greenpoint I had been avoiding brilliant coffee from Upright Coffee.

Upright Coffee just opened up a location on Hudson Street, an area that is, surprisingly, only recently becoming a haven for serious coffee.  The cafe is huge, with bold, caps and italics.  There is a large area in the back that feels a bit like a diner, complete with little sugar packets in plastic containers on the tables.  There is a large banquette that runs along the side and several stools in the large windows.  You can get espresso or drip coffee.  There are a couple different coffees to choose from.  There were also a small selection of pastries.  Since they are recently newly opened, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were planning to offer meal service in this location it was so positively huge.

Of course, don’t wait for food to head to Upright Coffee.  Frankly, there is nothing that you should wait for before stopping by.  The coffee at Upright is spot on.  Dense, but not tongue coating.  Rich, but still slightly floral.  I had a macchiato that was perfectly cut with milk.  It was the perfect in-between of rich coffee and creamy milk.  There was also a cappuccino ordered which was a lovely choice for those days when you need to be coddled awake instead of jolted.

Upright Coffee, thank you for coming to Manhattan.  I’m sorry I didn’t visit you in Greenpoint.  You deserve more.  I can’t wait to go back.

Do you stay in your neighborhood orbit or do you like to discover new places around where you live?

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