How to Have the Best Breakfast Ever


I am a bit of a breakfast freak.  I have to be dressed, ready for the day when I sit down to my first meal of the day.  I don’t like to wait too long after waking up to eat.  Except for Saturday, I prefer to have a breakfast that isn’t coated in sugar (even then, I prefer the slightly more savory French croissant to the super-sweet Italian brioche).  I want a healthy jumpstart to my day, not an electric current of sugar pumped into my veins.

This is, unfortunately, more difficult than it should be.  So many breakfast foods rely on quick bursts of sugar for a one-note flavor impact.  Too many of the jams that line grocery store shelves contain more sugar than fruit, nut butters add evaporated cane syrup (and many other scary ingredients) to make them even more spoonable, bread is often-times more sugar than grain and there are those flavored yogurts that use a surprising concoction of chemicals to make appropriately fake-tasting fruit flavors.

Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Luckily, muesli is an easy, quick alternative that gives a boost to oft hum-drum yogurt.  Confused about what muesli is?  It is, at its most simple, oats combined with some other stuff soaked, usually overnight, in yogurt or milk.  And that’s it.  I like a good yogurt bowl as much as anyone, but with my  dried fruit and nut options limited in Italy, a normal cup of yogurt isn’t always appealing.

There are a few different ways to get your muesli fix.  It’s not one size fits all here, thankfully.  You can use a boxed muesli (a bit cardboard-y, but quick and easy) or make your own with either rolled or instant oats.  If you choose boxed muesli, make sure to get one without too much added sugar!

Muesli is, essentially, overnight oats.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to soak it overnight if you don’t want to.  If you have the time, combine your serving of muesli (I usually have about 1/4-1/3 of a cup) with double that of milk (any kind, including ones like almond/coconut/soy is fine) or yogurt (ideally not greek, but if that’s all you have, don’t worry).  Leave it to soak for at least ten minutes or up to overnight.  Soaking overnight is not recommended for instant oats, they can be eaten straight away, no soaking necessary.

Making your own muesli?  Combine whatever you want!  I usually like to add some raisins, walnuts and cinnamon, but anything goes really.  You can add jam, nut butter, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, puffed grains plus anything else your heart desires.  Here are some brilliant ideas if you want them!

Muesli is endlessly adaptable.  Have fun, create whatever you want to eat today.  It’s like a healthy monster cookie or fro-yo toppings station.  Enjoy.

Do you like muesli?  What’s your go to breakfast?


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