Things I’m Loving – April edition


1. Badger Sore Muscle balm – I got this at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago and have been obsessed with it ever since.  On the package it says that it creates a warming sensation and, while it doesn’t really do that, it does feel incredibly satisfying to rub into airplane-cramped muscles.  Then again, I’m obsessed with all the Badger Balms (the headache-soother is another must-try!).

2. J Crew Red Cafe Capri – An overall awesome pant, they’re perfect for this awkward transition to spring/summer weather.  While most red pants tend to veer into fire engine territory, these are washed out just enough to go with any outfit.  They add an unexpected pop of color to my wardrobe and are a much needed relief from my muted black/denim/white/grey color palatte.

3. Ted Talks – I’m not exactly new to these, but I’ve been completely obsessed with watching them recently.  They’re great inspiration to perk you up.  I recommend watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk as well as Gretchen Rubin’s to get you started.  Here’s a cool one about third-wave coffee culture.  Of course, TED has some advice if you need it.

4. Bill Bryson’s Made in America – My obsession with Bill Bryson’s books is nothing new, but this has got to be one of my favorites yet.  He goes through the timeline of the states and discusses which words appeared and for what reasons.  It’s filled with the kind of trivia that you will be whipping out of your pocket constantly (did you know that the word astronaut is a nineteenth-century invention?).

5. Seinfeld Reruns – Seinfeld always reminds me of being home and I love watching old episodes.  They never get old.  My favorite season is season four  (I love the pilot arc!) and my favorite episode is the airplane one.  Do you watch Seinfeld?  What’s your favorite episode/season/character?

6.  Yoga Blocks – I wish I could have packed one in my suitcase.  They are  an amazing opener for your back, even if you don’t practice yoga.  Yoga blocks should be a requirement for anyone who works at a desk job.  Actually, scratch that, they should be a requirement for everyone, period.

What have you been loving recently? 


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