My Favorite Sandwiches in New York City

Spring Smash and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches

New Yorkers love a good sandwich.  There’s the ubiquitous chewy-white roll, egg and bacon that you can get at any corner deli with varying degrees of greasiness.  Of course the bagel is always a favorite, that practically goes without mentioning.  There are also the classic offerings at any number of random weekday lunch spots, the list could go on and on.

Then there are the more interesting places.  The gems that make you want to eat a sandwich every day.  While there’s nothing wrong with the old standbys, sometimes you want to shake things up.  As someone who is more likely to open a sandwich and each part separately, my ideal sandwich makes me want to eat it properly and appreciate how all the flavors blend.  These are the places that make me do just that.

1. No 7 Sub – Their philosophy may seem simple, take a protein, something crunchy, something creamy and something salty and slap it together between two piece of bread, but these sandwiches are more than the sum of their parts.  I’m kind of obsessed with the Mongolian Tofu and the Veggie Burger is surprisingly smokey and meaty.  There are three locations, so there’s no excuse for not getting a sub for dinner tonight.

2. Mile End Deli – As a non-meat eater, I usually try to steer clear of places that offer mostly meat heavy options.  Mile End Deli, however, takes care of us quasi-pescatarians.  A red-pepper, cheese and eggplant sandwich on pita might be a cause for despair in the hands of lesser sandwich makers, but is a reason to rejoice at Mile End.  Thick, fried eggplant gets paired with salty, chewy halluomi cheese and fresh, chewy pita.  This is one vegetarian sandwich even the carni-philes will want.

3. Terri – This place is ridiculous.  Despite the fact that it serves only vegan sandwiches, I feel confident that you will love it, no matter how you classify your diet.  From healthier options like the Portobello pesto sandwich to all out decadence with the meatball sub, Terri is not a great vegan sandwich shop, but a great sandwich shop, period.  Be warned, they get seriously crowded during the lunchtime rush.  I’m seriously craving a breakfast wrap right about now.  Bonus: they just opened up a new location in the financial district.

4. Taim – Whether you head to their barely-there store front on Waverly, stop by their slightly larger store on Spring Street or go to their truck when it’s parked by your office, Taim offers up some of the best falafel sandwiches in the city (I’m not the only one who think so either).  Sure, you could be very happy with a traditional falafel sandwich, but why not try the hummus sandwich to which you can add two of their salads or the sabich, a pita filled with fried eggplant, eggs, pickled cabbage and tahini.  This is a sandwich you won’t mind waiting in line for.

5. Thelewala – Good indian food is always a treat, but a good indian sandwich is even more rare.  Well, Thelewala delivers.  They serve a variety of kati rolls, thin wraps filled with a variety of spices, meats or cheeses and curries.  These rolls are pleasantly thin, enough that you could eat just one for a relatively light meal or two if you’re super hungry.  Their store has barely enough room for the four stools they manage to pack in there, so do yourself a favor and go outside to nearby Washington Square to enjoy your roll.  Should you not be in the mood for a sandwich, they also have a variety of curries, served with bread that are just as delicious

Do you have a favorite sandwich place?

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