Croissanter at Copenhagen’s Lagkagehuset

Croissant and Cortado

I knew I had to try a croissant in Copenhagen and, although I toyed around with the idea of doing so on my birthday, the allure of brunch and a free breakfast (hey, that city is gosh darn expensive) were too much.  I found myself, on the morning of 6 May and a plane ticket back to Milan stamped with the same date and no croissant in my belly.  Something had to be done.

Luckily, my hotel was right by a brilliant little bakery called Lagkagehuset.  I needn’t have had to worry much.  By little, I mean that this is often cited as being one of the best bakeries in Copenhagen.  Seeing as my mother and I pretty much ate our way through their offerings, I can attest that it’s quite true.

I dodged the bikes to cross the street and walked in, ripping a number out of the little plastic machine.  I was called nearly immediately, ordered a croissant(er) and a cortado and sat down in an adorable window seat.  All the Danes were biking to work, school, their Monday obligations.  I’ve never seen so many bikes winding their way through the streets, it was quite exciting to see.

The croissant?  It was fine.  Better than an Italian brioche, but not quite the croissant I had at Maison Laurent or Almondine.  The texture was a bit dry, but not reminiscent of bread in the slightest.  I delighted in pulling apart the layers, dunking the stiff-but-not-crunchy ends in my cortado and picking up the crumbs that fell onto the bag with my thumb.  Watching Copenhagen pass by from a pleasingly informal stool was a bonus.

My croissant at Lagkagehuset wasn’t the best on I ever ate, but I enjoyed the experience more than you might expect.  There are definitely better pastries to try in Copenhagen — føldeboller and frøsnapper for example — but if you’re a croissant fanatic like me, Lagkagehuset is an excellent place to try the Danish interpretation.

No matter what, be sure to try some of their dense, rugbrød or lagkage.  They’re the kind of things dreams are made of.

What do you eat for breakfast when you are on vacation?


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