The Best Juice Recipes to Pump Up Your Morning


I’ve made it no secret that I love juice.  Whether it be joking (but not really) about green juice withdrawals when not in NYC, buying a shocking amount of cucumbers to juice or spending too much money on overpriced juices in Bristol and Pavia, not much can keep me from a tall glass of vegetable juice.

My first juicing attempts produced some pretty awful specimens.  Oh how I wish I had someone to guide me during those first few attempts!  Although it’s hard to make a truly undrinkable juice, the difference between an okay juice and a great, knock your socks off juice, is vast.

Here are some of my favorite juice options that are perfect for the morning, but, of course, can be enjoyed any time of day.  If you don’t have a juicer, you can try to use a blender and cheesecloth, but I’ve never tried that and can’t vouch for how it works.  My family has this juicer and loves it.  At first glance, it appears a bit expensive for a mono-use kitchen gadget, but trust me, you’ll end up using it so much, you’ll be glad you sprung for it.

Spicy Grapefruit Juice – This spicy juice is perfect to enjoy alongside your morning meal.  It’s dense, sweet and surprisingly filling.  Who needs all the muck about picking out grapefruit segments (we know how that can turn out) when you can have this delicious juice.

Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Ginger Juice – This is such a classic combination that will give you a slightly sweet, very satisfying juice.  The ginger adds a fantastic spice and the cucumber makes it easy to sip.  Normally, I would grab this juice for an afternoon snack, but it is equally lovely enjoyed with a light breakfast.

Beet, Carrot, Orange, Ginger Juice – You might not expect a vegetable juice to be such a sweet treat, but this one most definitely is!  Update your stale, sugar-laden morning cup of orange juice for this glowing red beauty and you will most definitely find that you have more energy for the day.  Ginger is a must add for me, but if you aren’t a fan of its earthy spice, feel free to leave it out.

Make Juice Not War – Despite the silly name, this is an excellent go-to green juice recipe.  It’s lightly sweet and pleasantly green.  If you think you feel refreshed after gulping a glass of water in the morning, a big glass of this green juice will make you feel reborn.  Seriously, I could drink this every day.  The broccoli stem is not to be left out!

Spring Green Juice – This recipe is refreshing like lemonade, but less tongue coatingly sweet.  The lemon and lime add a surprising sweetness, the cucumber and apple make it light and frothy, while the kale and spinach give it a good green punch.  Seriously, you’ll be shocked.  I’d also add some celery, if just to get a bigger cup of juice!

Do you like to juice?  What’s your favorite type of juice to make/drink?


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