Happy June!


It’s been a bit too long since we last had a happy list on here, don’t you think?  Everyday is a good opportunity to reflect on what’s making us smile, jump up and down and look forward to life.  There invariably is something good everyday, even if we can’t see it.  Of course, this might just be because I’m finally getting a break after being chained to my filology philology textbook for two weeks and getting ready for a trip with my parents around Italy.  The last time they were here I was fourteen.  I like to think that this trip will be my way to make up for them having to deal with an adolescent’s first trip abroad. That and show them that my university education hasn’t been a total waste of money …

end of italian classes

nearly summer!

chopped salads

sesame bread

good tasting decaf coffee, from Italy

reading, when I can find the time

nice meals out with friends

recipes like this

finding new music


wandering around Italy with my parents

red pants, still

perpetually wearing flats

inspiring articles

fun articles

this photo

passing my first exam with a decently high mark

labello soft rosé lip balm

Into Thin Air  (yes, still)

making learning permit plans.  it’s happening.

rereading books

listening to the songs my parents sang me as a kid

10 minutes writing, every morning

packing lists

the smell of warm evenings

summer plans

long, light evenings

What has been making you impossibly happy recently?

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