The Best Healthy Smoothies To Start Your Morning

Green Juice in Denmark

I love me a smoothie.  Whether green, fruity or indulgent, these babies are staples of my summer diet.  Since we’ve finally entered the beautiful season, I thought it would be nice to share the smoothie love.  Some are healthy, some aren’t.  Some are kitchen-sink varieties, other require a few unique ingredients (though I promise they’re worth it).  I hope these recipes inspire you to break out the blender for a delicious summer meal!

Cake Batter Smoothie from Peas and Thank You – If you didn’t make this smoothie the last time I suggested it, may I recommend that you go run and make it right now.  It’s really that good.  It’s one of the more decadent smoothies out there, but since it’s loaded with plenty of protein, healthy fats and grains, it will keep you full until dinner or lunch.  Plus, it tastes like cake batter, who wouldn’t want that?

Super Green Smoothie from Edible Perspective – If you’re like me, you hate bananas and don’t want them anywhere near your smoothie.  While there are plenty of substitutions you can make, this recipe makes it easy on you and doesn’t put any in there.  Instead you get kale, pears, almond milk and avocado for creamy-ness.  Yep, you’ll probably want to lick the blender.

How to Make a Healthy Smoothie from PB Fingers – More a how-to guide than a recipe, but absolutely indispenasabile if you’re looking to kick start your smoothie making.  Julie may have a super-powered vitamix, but you don’t need a crazy blender to make delicious recipes like she does.  I have a cuisinart that works shockingly well.  All her smoothie recipes are pretty fantastic, but I like the peanut butter cup and thin mint smoothies the best!

Pumpkin Smoothie from Oh She Glows – It’s pretty hard to beat a pumpkin smoothie, no matter what season it is.  While I’ll usually make this smoothie un-vegan and sub-yogurt for the banana, no matter what creaming agent you choose you’ll manage to get a rich, ice-cream like treat.  To really up the yum factor, serve with some graham crackers.

Wild Blueberry Smoothie from Healthy Happy Life – It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a fruit smoothie, but this one looks extra delicious.  Blueberries may only have a short season, but using frozen ones means you can enjoy them any time of year.  The watermelon cubes add light, sweet punch to this smoothie.  Make it more of a meal by adding a scoop of protein powder, some yogurt or a little dash of nut butter.  Am I the only one thinking it would also be great with some cashews blended in there?

What is your go to summer breakfast?  How are you celebrating the start of summer?


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