Best Dream Vacation Spots for your Summer Holiday

DSC_5944_2 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about travel lately.  It all started back in Pavia over a farewell dinner with my American friend.  “After this year, I’ve got say, I’ve been bitten my the travel bug,” she said, twirling a piece of thick pasta coated in pesto on her fork like invisible punctuation.  I nodded and agreed, but I hadn’t completely convinced myself that I too suffered from a newly contracted and incurable case of wanderlust. Since coming back to New York it’s become more than clear to me that I most certainly did catch it.  Yes, the thought of packing up my bag, putting on a pair of comfortable shoes and heading to the new city to walk, take photos, wander and eat sounds perfect.  Unfortunately, it also doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen this summer.  Travel is expensive, shockingly so in the United States.  My dream vacation to San Francisco, Seattle, Austin and Anchorage will have to wait. Yet, like most of us travel-crazies, I can’t stop fantasizing about the next new city I’ll visit.  I’m flipping through guidebooks for fun, combing flickr and panoramio for cool images and reading travel writing like comic books.  Here is my list of dream summer vacation spots, what’s on yours?

1.  Belgium – I know, what’s there to see in Belgium?  Lots!  For such a small country there’s a surprising amount of fascinating and important cities.  Think Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges.  There are two languages competing for dominance, fantastic french fries and waffles.  Not to mention, I have met so many nice belgians during my time at university.

2.  The Lake District – Could there be a more picturesque area of England?  True, this is more walker’s paradise than city girl paradise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the area that inspired so much of English culture. There will probably be rain, but that gives you the perfect excuse to stop in a tea room or a pub.

3.  Charleston – Yep, there are still places I want to visit in the United States.  The South has fascinated me ever since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and I figure it’s time to discover this new-t0-me region.  Why Charleston?  The city has got a blossoming food and cocktail culture that blends southern culture and new american cuisine.

4.  Munich – I didn’t think I was interested interested in seeing Germany until I went to Berlin with my friend in March.  Let’s just say I’ve been planning my return since then!  German style is surprisingly picturesque, the food can be shockingly good and the language is quite melodic.  Munich has always interested be, if just for the huge cathedral, though I certainly wouldn’t mind wandering through the historic streets.

5.  Sydney – The opera house, the bridge, Sydney certainly seems like the postcard Australian city.  Of course, there’s more to see than just those big ticket sights.  Australia has one of the most interesting third-wave coffee cultures and a fantastic cultural scene.  Not to mention, the seasons are in reverse; who wouldn’t want to experience winter in July?! Where is your dream summer vacation destination?  Do you agree with the ones I’ve mentioned?


7 thoughts on “Best Dream Vacation Spots for your Summer Holiday

  1. Sue

    These are all great spots to take a summer vacation! I’ve been reading about “staycations” and they seem to be a popular alternative to expensive vacations.

  2. preconcept

    Good choices – especially Bruges, which is amazing, and the English countryside is pretty high on my list as well – I love the way you write! 😀

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thank you so much! The English countryside does seem perfect to escape the summer heat, doesn’t it? Perhaps not now seeing as they are having a heat wave… 🙂

      1. preconcept

        I can’t imagine it being any hotter than Portugal – last week at 3 am outside it was 30º celsius so I think I would still go for english countryside in a heat wave hahah

      2. Emilia Post author

        Oh my gosh, that is ridiculously hot! I can understand why England in a heatwave sounds practically pleasant. Keep cool 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      Germany is a surprising country, isn’t it? The Black Forest and Nuremberg at Christmas sound like two amazing must-visit spot. There’s so much to explore!


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