Do you read during breakfast?

New York City Corner

I read during breakfast.  Oh sure, sure, I’ve heard all the studies about how I shouldn’t read during the most sacred important meal of the day, but I, frankly, do not care.  If food and meals are about enjoyment, then reading helps me enjoy.  Although I’d heard generic ‘don’t read while you eat’ advice before I went to Italy, there are so many people in New York who combine their two favorite activities, that I doubted anyone really heeded this advice.

They do in Italy.  Or at least my host family and many of the people of Pavia did.

So, in the spirit of reading during breakfast, or reading during meals, or reading just for the sake of reading, here are some fantastic articles to read this weekend.  I won’t tell anyone.

1. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a parent or live abroad?  Then you’ll love the new series at A Cup of Jo about American parents abroad.  This week it’s 13 Things Surprising Things About Parenting in the Congo!

2.  Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog is always a good read.  I loved the post about how A Treat Doesn’t Always Look Like a Treat.  My surprising treat?  Packing.  I just love it.

3. This article asking Is Europe Passé? was certainly thought provoking.

4.  Did you read Pete Well’s review of Daniel last week?  Eater NY asked some chefs and reviewers for their thoughts.

5.  Joe is going to be using a new self-roasted espresso blend at their shops come Monday called ‘The Waverly.’  Sprudge sits down to talk with Director of Roasting Ed Kaufmann to talk about the new beans.

Do you read during breakfast?


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