An American Version of Danish Flødeboller

Homemade "flødeboller"

I really hope this doesn’t disappoint you.  You could say that I took the easy way out, but I’d say that I took the I-don’t-want-to-get-annoyed-and-pull-my-hair-out method.  Really, what’s the difference between the two?  Anyway, today I give you the American version of the spectacular Danish Flødeboller.  Or the non-Danish quick version of flødeboller.

Flødeboller are dome shaped chocolate confections filled with marshmallow cream and a thin layer of marzipan on the bottom.  The chocolate is impossibly thin and the marshmallow filling is thick, luxurious and soft.  If you like marshmallows, well, you’ll love these.

I had heard about these confections while perusing must-eat in Denmark lists and reading my Rough Guide.  Then, I got to Copenhagen, saw my mother in the hotel lobby and promptly forgot about them.  Luckily, an unplanned trip to Torvehallerne market brought me face-to-face with the popular Danish dessert and I bought one without hesitation.  I ate it on my way to the airport, making a shocking but oh-so-worthy mess.  The only disappointment was that my mother hadn’t been there to try it as well because I knew flødeboller would be right up her alley.

Danish Flødeboller

So, I decided to make my own.  While baking is fun and all that, I loathe working with sugar and knew that I wouldn’t be trying to make my own soft marshmallow base for them.  The gears in my mind spun around trying to think of the best way to make these little confections.  Cupcake liners?  Too mallow cup-esque.  Ballon cups?  Gosh, that sounded annoying.  To use fluff or to use marshmallows?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

This recipe involves marshmallows because, well, that’s easy and makes the process of making them just about as fun as the process of eating them.  I used homemade marzipan, but you could use the store bought stuff, no problem.  They’re a quick treat to make and sure to please!

Flødeboller (makes about a dozen)

2 bars chocolate (I made two batches one with Lindt 85% and one with Emilia chocolate from Italy.  We greatly preferred the Lindt version)

Half bag of large marshmallows

1/4 cup marzipan

-Line a baking sheet with foil and set it up on your workspace, next to a trivet.

-Roll out your marzipan on a clean workspace (I like to use a cutting board) and cut out circles that are the size marshmallow bottoms.  Alternatively, you can pinch off bits of marzipan and flatten them to the ends of the marshmallows.

-Stick the marzipan to the end of the marshmallow and set aside.

– Melt chocolate in a double boiler over medium-low heat, stirring to break up big pieces of chocolate.  Once it’s all melted, take it off the heat and bring to your workspace.

-Place a marshmallow/marzipan on a spoon and dunk the spoon in the melted chocolate.  Roll it around to cover, being sure not to get too much excess chocolate on the confection.  Put it on the baking tray and repeat until you finish covering all the marshmallows/marzipans in chocolate.

-Set in the fridge to cool and enjoy!

(if you want to try a proper recipe, this one from Velbekomme looks fantastic)

What is your favorite way to eat marshmallows?


One thought on “An American Version of Danish Flødeboller

  1. Annika

    Looking fun, but as dane I will say (And I’m sure you are agree) it’s absolutely not a “flødebolle” 😀
    Like if I would make s’mores with “mariekiks” and “guf” 😮
    (I have taken graham crackers from US to Denmark so I can have the right way, but prefer some great european chocolate :$


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