Drinking Coffee at Bikini Bar in TriBeCa

Bikini Bar

Do you have a summer bucket list?  I did and I do. At the beginning of the season, I sat down and cranked out a list of everything I wanted to do.  Everything from ice cream in DUMBO to getting my favorite Indian takeaway.  Summer deserves it’s own list; a long one to fill the endless sun drenched days.

At the top of my summer itinerary was a trip to Bikini Bar in Tribeca.  Part Tiki Bar, part coffee shop and part vacation, Bikini Bar is a getaway in downtown Manhattan.  This summer they’re running a pop up with Everyman Espresso, serving both your standard coffee beverages and coffee “cocktails.”

Haru Swizzle

After failing to realize they opened at 11, I finally managed to experience Bikini Bar last Saturday.  I arrived to see an empty cafe and a barista leisurely cleaning up.  He talked me through the menu and politely recommend some beverages.  I decided to try the regular cappuccino as well as the Haru Swizzle.

Bikini Bar is decked out in tiki paraphenilia.  From vintage movie posters to surfboards, from tiki furniture to wood carvings, every furnishing works to communicate the theme.  There’s a lot of seating as well, so you can relax in the tiki atmosphere for as long as you need before heading back out onto the streets of New York.


The cappuccino was just the kind of cappuccino you hope to find: milky, slightly sweet and with a comforting coffee bite.  The coffee cocktail, however, stole the show.  Served in a highball glass, it’s the kind of drink you wouldn’t mind getting at the bar if you didn’t want alcohol.  It wasn’t sweet, but it was.  There was a slight bite of coffee to it, but you never felt like you were drinking coffee with peach and lime thrown in to be unique.  Together, the flavors created something new.  It was the drink a Pimms Cup would want when hung over at brunch.

But hurry!  Bikini Bar closes for the season on 31 August!  Go quickly and get there while you can.  If you need a place to relax, a place to drink coffee or simply to experience something new in New York whilst all your friends are on vacation, Bikini Bar in Tribeca is the place you need to go.

Check out Sprudge’s roundup of all the drinks at Bikini Bar if you want some more information!

Where do you go when you need to take a vacation, but can’t get away?


3 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee at Bikini Bar in TriBeCa

  1. kukolina

    I am so picky it is insane but I would definitely try out a coffee and peach flavored cocktail!
    To also answer your question: there is a cafe called Lolamui on the other side of the island. It is a 40 minutes drive to get there which is kind of bad news but I love the owner’s banoffee pie. Baking is her hobby. Sweet, huh?!


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