Scenes from New York: TriBeCa

View from the pier

Did you know that Tribeca is now the most expensive area of New York?  It’s true.  Surpassing the Upper East Side, Brooklyn Heights and whatever the current trendy area is, Tribeca is where you’ll find the money in New York.  Perhaps it’s not entirely surprising as this new area is right by the Financial District, SoHo and a stones throw away from the West Village.

TriBeCa = TRIangle BElow CAnal street

Despite the sometimes ostentatious wealth of the area and its inhabitants, Tribeca is a delight to walk around.  Gorgeous views, eclectic architecture and a handful of good cafes/restaurants make this area as fun as any other.  If you’re walking around midday, you’ll see business people walking to lunch.  Mid morning means mothers and their strollers and evening means people walking around to catch iconic NYC views, with a few people heading home.

Tribeca side street

Tribeca has more facets than the name would suggest.  Walk down one street and it’s busy with new buildings going up and a corporate atmosphere.  Turn the street and you’ll find plenty of factory style buildings, complete with metal steps and support beams.  Continue on just another block and everything becomes cute and quaint.  Tribeca is hard to define because it defies categorization.  Perhaps that’s why people love this neighborhood.

While a dash through the triangle (if it really is one), might convince you that there’s little of interest here, you’d be missing out.  Beyond the restaurants with hard-to-nab reservations and the little fashion boutiques with two garments on display, there lies a bounty of eye candy.  The buildings are treasures, the cobblestone streets will transport you to a different era and the pier is one of the most peaceful stretches of the city.

Little Houses

Whether you’re looking for a New York experience, need to see a few new sights or just want to get a really good meal, Tribeca has something to offer everyone.  We just might not be able to live there.

What’s the loveliest chi-chi neighborhood you’ve ever visited?


4 thoughts on “Scenes from New York: TriBeCa

    1. Emilia Post author

      Barcelona! I’m sure that was amazing, I’ve been wanting to go forever.

      Glad you enjoyed and learnt a little bit! 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      I’ve always heard so much about Greenwich, though the closest I’ve gotten is driving nearby when going on college tours. It’s shocking how different the energy can be in different areas of NYC, isn’t it? 🙂


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