My Way Cup Coffee near Madison Square Park

Macchiato and Cortado

There are some streets in New York that make even the most avid NYC-lover groan with dread.  They are the interminable stretches of midtown that have yet to see the not-so-invisible hand of gentrification.  Caked with more dirt than paint, the buildings and shops along these streets offer wholesale handbags and perfumes of dubious origin.  They are an unmitigated nightmare.

My Way Cup Coffee isn’t precisely along one of these streets, but it’s close enough that there isn’t too much of a difference.  East 23rd street features — among other frightening landmarks — a 7 Eleven, Vitamin Shoppe and Amalgamated Bank, all of which are relative rarities in the NYC of 2013.  The awning of MWCC blends into the landscape at first glance.  You can’t quite tell from the graphic multi-colored coffee print if you’re approaching a haven of serious coffee or a group of people eager to make a buck off of office workers in desperate need of caffeine.

Fortunately, you’re approaching the former.

MWCC is small, no doubt about it, but they manage to cram an unbelievable amount into their limited space.  There are four tables secured to the ground, a handful of little white stools and bench seating.  Unlike many serious cafes that offer only a paltry pastry case, there’s plenty of variety at MWCC.  You could get macaron, tahini cookies, granola bars, sandwiches or chocolates.  I guess it shouldn’t be surprising; all the surrounding office workers are in need of a treat.


I sampled the cortado and the macchiato, just to see the difference.  And a difference there was.  The cortado was fantastic and was what you expect to get when you order a cortado.  Milky with a velvety coffee flavor that had a deep berry sweetness without being bitingly acidic.  The macchiato was literally marked with steamed milk, as the name obviously suggest.  While I never mind having a proper macchiato, I am always a bit disappointed at not being served a noisette.  The milk was steamed perfectly and the espresso had a wine-y blackberry sweetness and acidity.  You could stir the milk into the coffee to add a little milk, but you were getting the proper macchiato experience whether you thought you would or not.

MWCC is an adorable little space for a coffee in nearly midtown.  I would forgive you for not going there if you didn’t have to, but if you’re nearby, stop in.  The space is small but inviting and the coffee is definitely the best in the area.

What do you think makes for an unpleasant city street?


4 thoughts on “My Way Cup Coffee near Madison Square Park

  1. kukolina

    I love the old-fashioned coffee glass and I would easily try a latte here without fearing that they will burn the milk. But where are the home-made cakes? Though I have never had a tahini cookie in my life… sounds a bit too healthy…HAHA

    1. Emilia Post author

      Burnt milk is always such a disappointment in coffee! You never know about the tahini cookies, I bet they add a fair amount of sugar 🙂


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