A Croissant from The Smile To-Go

Croissant from The Smile To Go

Happy accidents are better than planned fantastic activities.  A surprise, no matter how small, will lift your day, shift your perspective and increase your appreciation of your surroundings.  When the shirt you want is on sale — even if you were going to buy it at full price; when you get a letter in the mail from a good friend — just because; even someone smiling and holding a door open can change the course of your day.

A surprise croissant that’s shockingly delicious?  That’s the best happy accident you could ask for (though I may be biased).

Since my first visit to The Smile last year, I’ve been trying to get everyone I know to go.  Unfortunately, other people seem to be doing the same because there’s always a wait.  From the kale salad to the yogurt bowl, everything I’ve had from The Smile has been absolutely delicious.  The croissant was no exception.

Croissant from The Smile To Go

Last week, when dragging my mother to run back-to-school errands, I finally managed to bring her to The Smile.  Not wanting a large meal, we stopped by the location on Howard Street.  On the counter was a bunch of croissants that looked caramelized, flaky and delicious.

This croissant should be pronounced with an American accent.  It’s a cruh-ssont.  There’s no flourish, no tricky ‘r’ hiding amongst the folds of letters that blend together like butter.  The outside is nicely browned and brakes off in thick, chunky flakes.  There are a few sprinkles of fleur-de-sel on top, which gives you a good idea of the taste experience you’re in for.

This isn’t a sweet croissant, not in the slightest.  It’s savory and rich, without being crazy-buttery.  Served just warm, it’s the kind of croissant that I wanted to stick a baton of chocolate in to taste a brilliant play on salty/sweet.  Midway through eating, my mother and I began to wonder why more places don’t make their croissants like this.

If you walk in expecting a sweet croissant, thinking croissants can only be one way, then you’ll likely walk out feeling disappointed and unsatisfied.  If you’re excited about experiencing something new and stretching what a croissant means, then you’ll love this beauty.  Be sure to get some coffee on the side.

What’s the strangest adaption of a traditional food you’ve sampled?

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3 thoughts on “A Croissant from The Smile To-Go

  1. kukolina

    I am sitting here thinking about your question and I just cannot find anything in my head. It is odd! I have been to tons of restaurants in so many countries… Images pop in to my head… I see foamed pumpkin sauce on the side of gnocchi and pea soup in Martini glass but none of them are really answers to your questions. Not even the pizza-cone I had… OK I know… it is a Hungarian food I had with jam. You are supposed to eat it with garlic or sour cream and grated cheese. It is a fried roti sort of thing… Let me find an image of it… It is called a lángos.

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