A Croissant and Coffee from Marlow & Sons

IMG_0424 Look, it’s really difficult to blog without a proper camera.  My little beauty hasn’t been cooperating with me this summer and, at the time of my visit to Marlow & Sons, was undergoing a second trip to the camera hospital.  I can only hope that it enjoyed endless hours of watching the television programs that I refuse to view, though I’m getting a tad embarrassed at the Honey Boo Boo references it has made recently.

Not having a camera leaves you at blogging ends, wandering through the streets with the urge to take a photo.  Labor day weekend, however, I wandered with an aim: Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg.  I’ve heard about the place for a long time, both in relation to coffee and to food, and knew that it was time that I tried the place out for myself.

I’m so glad I did.  Maybe having a misbehaving camera isn’t that bad after all.

Marlow and Sons is in South Williamsburg, a section that rather resembles somewhere else.  The scale is a bit wider than New York, the buildings a bit lower.  If it wasn’t for the fleeting glances of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Citi Bike rack at the end of the block, you could easily pretend you were in Philadelphia or Providence.


You can get your coffee to go at Marlow and Sons or you can get it with a meal.  I chose the latter.  Don’t arrive expecting a big, elaborate brunch blow-out.  The food at Marlow and Sons is simple, the kind of meals you want to eat.  They’re pleasantly indulgent, but won’t leave you in a food coma.  The menu is short, though that doesn’t exactly eliminate the burden of choice.

I began with a macchiato, which came in a petite, New York café brown, cup.  It was light and pleasant, entirely sippable.  Unlike plenty of New York cafes that offer dense, nearly syrupy espressos, Marlow and Sons made theirs on the softer end of the spectrum.  While I don’t always enjoy drinking coffee with a meal, this cup felt right at home next to some food.

The croissant, which my parents and I ordered to share, was spectacular.  It seemed to be made partially from whole wheat flour (because of the color) and was most certainly a close cousin of the one at The Smile To-Go.  Most definitely not sweet, the pastry had a buttery bite.  The outside was dark, providing a savory caramel depth.  Together, the buttery dough and caramel sweetness, created a surprisingly sophisticated flavor.  It was proud of its French-American origins.

Everything else we ate was surprisingly delicious as well; a bagel with whitefish salad, biscuit with egg and some baguette with butter and jam.  If you’re in need of a proper breakfast or casual brunch, you’ll love everything on offer at Marlow and Sons.  I can’t wait to return for dinner.

What’s your favorite simple breakfast?

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