The Epic 2013 Fall Bucket List

Bristol, Park Street

We made it through the stifling heat of summer.  We survived the endless rains of spring.  Now, it’s time to enter — well, let’s just call it fall for the time being.

I wish I could be appropriately dainty about this, but I’m kicking and screaming over here.  It’s a full blown temper tantrum.  Why, fall, do you insist on coming in and ruining this seriously awesome groove that summer and I have going?  My flip flops were perfectly molded to my feet and I had the best iced coffees in New York down.

Now we’re entering the land of early sunsets, Barn/Barbour coats and squash cooked in more than ten ways.  Fall has arrived, whether or not we were ready.  At least there’s one thing we can depend on, though it certainly seems like a feeble excuse to me.

In an attempt to make this season less depressing, I’m creating a list, a fall bucket list.  Here are 21 things that I will do during the season to make it feel less yucky.  Hopefully we’ll have fun, though I can’t promise that our toes won’t freeze.

  1. Make a pumpkin pie
  2. Visit a new city
  3. Cook a “thanksgiving” feast
  4. Go to London, specifically to see the Natural History museum
  5. Make an inspiration board
  6. Take a spinning class
  7. Make gingerbread
  8. Buy a cookbook
  9. Take some lovely photos of leaves
  10. Write a NaNoWriMo novel
  11. Buy and read the new Bill Bryson book
  12. Attend a careers services event at my university
  13. Eat Indian food, at a restaurant
  14. Blog about Clifton Suspension Bridge
  15. Go 1 month without buying clothing (I’m thinking November or October)
  16. Make a soup from scratch
  17. Plan a trip to a new country
  18. Make a Christmas-season bucket list
  19. Do some kind of DIY
  20. Spend a night in a hotel
  21. Buy and read Monocle Magazine

Your turn!  What’s on your fall bucket list?  Do we share anything?


6 thoughts on “The Epic 2013 Fall Bucket List

  1. Danielle

    Oh, your list is making me so excited for the season! When it comes to all your foodie items, I’m right there with you. I’d also add baking American classics for my office and visiting friends. I’m going to have to save up for the latter, but Sarajevo and Milan and Luxembourg with a temporary local and lifetime friend is too tempting to pass up.

    1. Emilia Post author

      I’m so glad it helped you be a little more excited for the season, that was the goal for me as well 😉 Sounds like you have a fun-filled fall coming up. The trip with your friend should be spectacular, well worth saving for!

  2. Settit

    I really like the idea of a quarterly bucket list, I might try this! NH museum is a big ‘un, I’ve never managed to do it all in one go and I’d be happy to show you around Rome if you’re looking for a new city to visit!

    1. Emilia Post author

      You should! Let me know if you do and how it turns out for you.
      I would love to have a trip to Rome right now, I’m certainly missing the warmth of Italy. This season, however, I’ll probably be exploring England a little bit more. Should be fun, if not a bit damp 😉

  3. preconcept

    What a great idea! even if actually like the fall (I know, why?) I love the idea of a season buckt list! I hope yu go through it all – sound like a lot of fun!


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