Saturday Morning Round Up

Cardiff Castle

How was last week for you?  Personally, I’m done.  Just one week back and the number of books sitting on my desk has grown exponentially.  On Monday there was just my lovely kindle, Rough Guide to Great Britain and a forgotten London A-Z.  By Friday, the Decameron, Travels In Hyperreality, The Art of Travel, Le città invisibili and a bunch of manuali had joined their ranks.  There’s barely any space left.

Let’s relax this Saturday morning.  I don’t know what you’re doing for breakfast, but I hope you don’t have to rush.  Sit down relax and breathe like you haven’t all week.  This morning, I made myself a lovely bowl of yogurt and sweet potato granola from Minamlist Baker.  It was nearly like going to Iris Cafe, except, well, you know.

Here’s what I’m reading this morning and what I’ve read this week.  What has captured your interest?

  • I loved this article about the cortado from David Lebovitz.  It made me want to run out and drink one at that very moment.  Except it was 10pm, so I didn’t.
  • The only reason I keep myself on the curbed mailing list are their weekly price comparisons.  This week it’s the rather steep price of $3,700.  Which would you choose? I love the idea of the West Village, but those Williamsburg windows are hard to say no to…
  • To say I’m in love with these photos of Iceland from Mr and Mrs Globe Trot is an understatement.  I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type, but after looking at their trip around the country, I think I might be able to change.
  • In an attempt to make my room more, ahem, liveable, I’ve been spending way too much time perusing Scandinavian design blogs.  I’m particularly in love with this house featured on My Scandinavian Home.  It’s so welcoming!
  • Despite my love for cooking, lunch is always a struggle.  Luckily, I can return home for lunch on most days.  I’m thinking of making this vegan freezer lasagna from (never home) maker and then just heating it up for a quick midday meal. How do you attack lunch?

How was your week? Did you read anything captivating? I’d love to hear!


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