Happy Birthday Mom!

Birthday Cakes
The last thing I expected when I walked into my Copenhagen hotel was to see my mother sitting in the lobby.  In fact, that may be an understatement.  Though I routinely enjoy movie-like fantasies, the thought that my mother would have flown to Europe for the weekend to hang out with me wasn’t even close to my mind.  Basically, I think you can see how awesome she is.

There won’t be any film-style surprises for her birthday, however.  Though one of us is in Scandinavia again, so I guess it’s a bit of a trade off.  What there will be are plenty of skype sessions, photos and jotting down notes as to what I must simply tell my mother.

Almondine Breakfast

If I was home I’d bake you a cake.  Seeing that as I’ve already made you the Momofuku Birthday Cake cake, I’d have to choose something else, though something equally as pretty.

If I was home, I’d make sure to give you a hand made card.  It would probably use this photo and I would definitely add a few stickers from your sticker box.  Because who doesn’t love stickers?

If I was home, we might have brunch at Aamans Copenhagen. Or maybe The Smile.  Or maybe Reynards.  But we’d definitely have a long meal and chat and not think about work.  Then we would go and get coffee and chat and not think about work some more.

If I was home, we might even be able to take a sneak peek at The Silent Spy.  Because you introduced me to Nancy Drew and then I ran with that obsession.

If I was home, we could look through Lucky magazine.  Maybe we’d be all multimedia savvy and watch some of their 100 perfect outifts videos.  Then again, we could do that anyway.

Of course, I’m not home and your friend really is at a silent meditation retreat.  But that’s okay, right?  We can still celebrate, despite the oceans, channels and time zones in between us.

Happy Birthday Mom!


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