Happy November!

Stockholm at Dusk

Bristol Uni arts students are enjoying a reading week right now.  If you’re a modern languages student, however, the pause from classes is a “curriculum enhancement” week.  What does this mean? We attend a series of moderately useful talks about topics that may, or may not, relate to our studies.  What doesn’t this mean? That we have more time to focus on anything.  With my first final-year commentary due next week, a social campaign to plan and endless stacks of books to read, I seem to find myself just as busy as if I had classes on.  It’s true, if you need something done, ask a busy person.  Especially if said busy person has appointments and a structure to their time.

Luckily, there are quite a few things to be happy about right now and, yes, more than just the fact that now it has become 0.879% more acceptable to sneak a listen to your favorite Christmas song.

new James Blunt cd is out!!

I’m loving listening to The Continental Shift on Monocle Radio

cooking fish. yes, I’ve done it. twice.

reading a sneaky Betty and Veronica comic book.

surprise sunny days

pumpkin pie baked oatmeal (this may be the best breakfast. ever)

my patagonia down shell

the kånken backpack

this photo is why the internet remains great

I am so making cornbread soon

wouldn’t you love to serve this at a Thanksgiving feast?

The Dinner Party Download

random facts

spinach and artichoke white bean “chili”

leftover pumpkin candy corn.  yes, it is awesome.

What’s making you crazy happy recently?


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