A croissant from Joe and the Juice in London


I, like the rest of the world it seems, am obsessed with Scandinavia.  In particular, Denmark.  We’re familiar with Norway and Sweden, the latter more so thanks to IKEA.  We know that Finland is out over there somewhere.  Yet we continuously look over little Denmark, nestled into the bottom of Scandinavia.  ‘Danish’ sounds like ‘Dutch’ and if you add the word danish to any google search you will turn up more results concerning sugary pastries than relate to Denmark.

I guess, however, I’m lucky to be obsessed with Scandinavia at a time when the rest of the world is similarly possessed.  There are restaurants devoted to Copenhagen in New York and books called How to be Danish on the shelves at Daunt Books and Blackwells.  Even Danish chains have begun infiltrating British streets.  At least, Joe and the Juice has taken over a small corner of Soho, which was good enough for me on a rainy Monday morning in London.

When I was running around Copenhagen with my mother, I saw plenty of Joe and the Juice outlets.  They looked nice, they had a pink logo.  That was it.

Corner in Marylebone

Or it was until that rainy morning in London. I was eager for breakfast and clueless as what to get, where to go.  Then, like a lamp illuminating the dark, I saw that familiar pink logo and ran for cover, ran for food.  It took a few minutes to peruse their extensive juice menu, but I decided on the carrot, celery, apple combo, with a croissant on the side.  This, I thought, is my version of balance.

The croissant wasn’t perfect, but it was a delightful and untraditional twist to have alongside juice.  It was a bit spongy, while still being soft and buttery.  The outside wasn’t crispy, but there were still a good amount of shards flaking off as I bit into it.  There was butter, but it didn’t aggressively assert itself.  It wasn’t sweet, rather it was delicately salty.  While croissants from coffee shops and chain restaurants are usually a way to guarantee yourself a mediocre experience, the pastry from Joe and the Juice fell solidly on the better end of the spectrum.  If I had the choice of this croissant in Bristol, I would eagerly say yes.

As for the juice, it was delicious.  Not to sweet, light and refreshing, the only thing that would have made it better would have been a shot of ginger.

Oh well, I guess that will have to wait until next time.

What does a balanced breakfast look like to you?

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2 thoughts on “A croissant from Joe and the Juice in London

  1. Heidie Makes

    I love this coffee shop!I went to one of them while in Copenhagen and they got one in Soho so went there as well and liked the UK version too1

    1. Emilia Post author

      Awesome! I hope you enjoy many juices and croissants there. Do you have a juice (or coffee, or anything else) that you usually order there?


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