5 Ways to Make Your Morning More Effective

Chiltern Street

The verdict is in: using your morning effectively can mean the difference between having a productive way and having a day in which you merely cross tasks off your to-do list (At least, Forbes says so).  I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to have the former day.  Every day, if possible.

While it’s not feasible to be a working machine all the time, I’ve found that some simple changes to my morning make the difference between a ho-hum day and a good one.  Plenty of articles want to tell you the best way to spend your morning, usually based on what some multi-millionaire does with theirs. Let’s focus on making your morning perfect for you.  Though that meditation routine may sound great, you might hate meditating.  That’s ok.  Here are 5 mini-traditions that  transform my mornings from rote to aware, maybe one of them will work for you!

  1. Plank for 2 minutes – Even if you don’t have time for a full workout, you can take two minutes of your day to hold plank pose.  Or one.  Or even 30 seconds.  It wakes up your body and calms the mind.
  2. Check the weather, but not just the local weather – I’m a bit weather obsessed and, now that it’s dark when I wake up, checking the weather is essential.  Of course, I also like to know what the weather is like in New York.  To lift my spirits, I’ll also check the weather in Nuuk, which is, without fail, colder than wherever I am currently.
  3. Drink hot water with lemon – Plenty of articles will tell you that water with lemon is a great way to detox in the am.  While that’s debatable, drinking some hot water with lemon is a fantastic way to make sure that I start my morning with something hydrating as opposed to, say, coffee.
  4. Read something – It can be the headlines from the New York Times, articles I’ve missed on Sprudge or a book, but taking a few minutes to read in the am puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.  Not to mention, you find good conversation starters to use for the rest of the day.
  5. Plan my day – Whether you write your to do list on a post-it or on an hourly calendar, making sure you know what you’ll be doing during the day is essential in effectively using your morning.  This hourly filofax calendar has been my savior for the past couple of years!

What do you do in the morning to help prepare yourself for a fantastic day?


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Your Morning More Effective

  1. youcanfindmeintheporch

    I’ve been having trouble in how to start my day right, panning and doing things throughout the day for months now, but when I read this, it gave me the light bulb 🙂 Your article is helpful.

    1. Emilia Post author

      Yay! I’m so glad you found it helpful. Let me know how your mornings are going and what changes you’ve made 🙂

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