Happy Birthday Dad!


You might not know it from his art, but my dad has a sweet tooth.  He’ll order the blueberry pancakes, choose the pecan pie and eat the candy corn.  If there is one thing I have most obviously inherited from him, it’s my taste buds.  Pass the peanut butter, the umami laden foods and nearly-black coffee.  You want him around if you’re going out for indian; he’ll have an idea what everything on the menu will look or taste like.  Then he’ll proceed to tell you about his trip to India CENSORED years ago.  He can also flip a pancake like no one’s business.

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow and, while I’m not  there to make him any pumpkin pie or pecan pie, I can send some love from afar.  Happy Birthday Dad!

the American Museum of Natural History

art museums, in general


red hats

tinsel halos

pizza with anchovies

pasta with broccoli and garlic

the winter olympics (ski jump! the opening ceremonies!)

back episodes of gruesome television shows


striped t-shirts with alternating stripe thickness

white deer

evening walks

summertime bike rides

car rides

carrying big books on the subway

that furrowed brow when reading anything

silly faces

silly voices

the far north


Happy Birthday Dad!


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