On Really Cold Days

Winter Evening in NYC

New York has been COLD this January.  First there was the Polar Vortex, then there was just normal chills.  Despite my general distaste for winter, I’ve noticed something: I love this crazy cold.  No, I don’t love being cold.  I definitely don’t love freezing toes nor iced-over ears.  What I do love, however, is the “extreme” feeling of simply going outside.

At first I was confused.  As a sworn summer-girl, I thought this cold weather would make me want to cuddle under the blankets and layer the down comforters, but the opposite happened.  It made me want to go outside.  Instead of the isolating and depressing malaise that sort-of cold weather induces, I felt energized with the rise of extreme cold.  It’s not that I’m enjoying the cold, per se, but rather that I get a kick out of faux-extreme weather.

Snow in NYC

When summer comes around, I’m the first person to avoid air conditioning, no matter how hot it gets.  I enjoy a good complaining session about the weather, but not because I need to vent my anger.  Rather, wonky temperatures allow us to connect with anyone and everyone.  Everyone around the world experiences normal weather — the gamut of rain and dark days leads to more comparisons than sympathy I find — but a freak weather occurrance unites people in a specific area.  That’s what I love.

I love going into a coffee shop and being able to chat about the weather.  I love how everyone seems to work harder to keep warm and everyone understands that this is really tough.  I love seeing the crazy snow boots and balaclavas that people seem to magically pull out of their closet.  I even enjoy seeing how people choose to bundle themselves up, especially if they choose to wear a snow suit.

Winter is annoying and dull partly because it feels so expected, routine and isolating.  It’s hard to get excited about your walk to work or late night plans when you know darkness and bleak cold awaits.  When the weather shifts to something more extreme, the very knowledge that you will be doing something special, that you will be braving the cold, becomes a cause for excited celebration.

But still, I can’t wait for summer.

Cold: love it? hate it?  How cold does it get where you live?


4 thoughts on “On Really Cold Days

    1. Emilia Post author

      Haha, that’s hot! I can imagine that some chill would most definitely be welcome in that situation. 🙂

      Those photos do look sweltering…


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