Signs of Change in Italian Food Culture


My jaw dropped in the middle of the crowded computer room.  I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, but a quick search on Google confirmed it: there is a new restaurant/cafe in Milan that seems eager to change some preconceived notions Italians have of their food.

The restaurant is called Taglio, located on Via Vigevano in the Porta Genova-Navigli area.  While they serve a range of Italian foods, the way that they approach these foods appears markedly different, “Their dream, they say, is one where people arrive for coffee and stay with a computer, transforming breakfast into a longer pause, taken at a table instead of the bar” (Corriere, ‘Taglio, l’emporio’)  Coffee can be taken the same way and there is no shame in order something beyond the typical caffè.  Photos of chemex-brewed coffee adorns their Instagram feed.  Even the about page on their website shows a foresight I’ve been yearning for in Italian food, “This is the Taglio army.  And this is only the beginning…” (Taglio).

Ever since reading this, I’ve been thinking about all the ways I could possibly get myself to Milan to experience Taglio.  Anyone up for a quick trip?

Note: All translation done by me.  I make no claims to be 100% accurate.

4 thoughts on “Signs of Change in Italian Food Culture

  1. kitchenjoymandy

    Great find! I will have to check it out when I am in Italy this Spring. Thanks for sharing, as always, a great post.


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