What’s it like to be an American student in England?

Cortado and work

I’m not an expert.  Yet, after nearly 3 years living in England, I do feel qualified to give some advice to other international students about starting their new journey abroad.  My university thinks so.  So does HotCourses Abroad, a website that collects testimonials and blogs from international students.  Last December, I sat down to chat with them about what it’s like to be an American student in England.  Click here to see my responses.

If you’re still looking for more advice about adjusting to life in the UK, you can find my regular blog here.

And, while I’m at not being an expert at anything, just a thought about this final term at university.  I oscillate between feeling elated that I’m nearly finished and nearly done with the all-consuming stress of essays and exams.  Then, ever so often, I remember that when I finish there will be no one there eager to drill the subjunctive into my brain or encourage me to read more critical articles on Dante.

Right now I’m so very much immersed in my little university world that it feels hard to see beyond it.  Thinking about further study — which will happen, just not straight away — I can never figure out what sounds right.  I love writing, but a degree in journalism sounds limiting.  I love Italian, but further study in Italian usually requires the knowledge of another language and I gleefully left Spanish behind in high school.  I don’t see any university yet offering a degree in food culture.

It’s an exciting time.  I’m not be an expert in living abroad, but these four years have taught me more than I expected.  The lessons extended beyond the classroom, but plenty took place there as well.

And, on that note, I’m going to go read some Dante.

What are you not an expert on?

6 thoughts on “What’s it like to be an American student in England?

  1. frankieandgiuseppe

    I’ve lived in Italy for several years but I’d certainly never claim to be an expert on Italians and Italian culture (and as for their politics, I’m more and more confused with ever year that goes by!).
    Good luck finishing up your course.

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thanks for the good luck wishes!
      I’m not sure anyone truly understands Italian politics, not even the Italian politicians. 😉

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