Winter Olympics on The New York Times

Snow in NYC

I’ve made it no secret that I’m obsessed with the winter olympics.  From snowboarding to skating, I love it all (except for curling).  Last weekend, my dad and I searched and searched for a way to watch a little bit of the games together.  We didn’t find any videos, but we discovered the New York Times Olympics section, which made up for our lack of shared viewing and then some.

I’m not sure which feature has my jaw closest to the floor.  Is it the insanely cool pictures of the gear from various sports?  Could it be the in-air shots of figure skating jumps?  Maybe it’s the mind-boggling imaginings of New York City optimized for different olympic events.  Their interactive video features are nothing sort of amazing (the halfpipe one will have you booking snowboarding lessons).

I should probably be apologizing.  After all, this is the kind of website that pulls you in and monopolizes your afternoon.  But hey, the olympics aren’t around for long, so lets enjoy them while they last.  And be sure to click through this slideshow, which explains in ten photos why snowboarders are the epitome of cool.

Whats your favorite Olympic event?


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