On the Daily Cartoon


Don’t you just love it when something makes you laugh?  So far, browsing the New Yorker’s Best Cartoons of 2013 magazine has made me laugh the most this year.  Funny, intelligent, ridiculous: I love them.

My parents and I leafed through the magazine at a Hudson News while waiting for my delayed flight to board in January.  It was 10pm on a Saturday evening and there we were, standing among the aisles of questionable pastries and overpriced bottles of water, laughing our heads off.

Last week my parents sent me a book called I Feel Relatively Neutral about New York to remind me of all the bad things the city holds.  The best bit is their parody of the New Yorker‘s cartoon contest.  Their suggested entries start at the moderately reasonable and degrade to the totally ridiculous, ‘I’m from the future.’



(image via New Yorker)

When I’m at home, the first thing I do when the week’s New Yorker arrives in the mail is check the cartoon contest in the back.  I once entered and I once came up with a caption that I still think was better than any of the entries.  My father works with someone who won the contest, isn’t that neat?

I’ve just realized that you can browse the cartoons online and, even better, enjoy a daily cartoon.  Some are funny and some are more ‘I enjoyed reading your email’ (Seinfeld speak for: they make no sense).  If they fall into the later category, I nobly spend the day thinking of the caption I would have written.

If you’re into language learning, you can also find various translations of the week’s best cartoons online.  I find, however, that they always seem to lose the humor as well as the meaning in translation.

Do you enjoy New Yorker cartoons?  Any favorites I should know about?


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