A New Book about Pizza

I don’t like pizza and that’s why it fascinates me.  A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about pizza and nostalgia, which you can read here.

Turns out I’m not the only one writing about pizza.  While browsing in Foyles last week, I discovered a new pizza book.  Viva la Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box gathers images of pizza boxes from around the world, along with a little history.  The book is written by a self-confessed pizza geek, who also offers pizza tours of New York.

It’s an interesting way to trace a little slice (pun intended) of pizza’s history and culture.  The pizza box no doubt signs certain feelings in many of us.  As a kid, my parents and I got pizza (or rather, my parents did, I didn’t) on Friday evening. I remember the hot steaming boxes sitting on top of the table, always providing a laugh with the newest image or silly saying.  The designs constantly rotated, a bit like the paper cups coffee is served in from street carts.  How do we associate these stereotypical images with real feelings?  How does pizza become imbued with their meanings?

I’m looking forward to getting more than a cursory glance at this book.  It just proves what I’ve been thinking about recently: pizza is a complex cultural icon, topped with various different meanings according to the culture that it produced it.

Any interesting books, about food or something else, you’ve discovered recently?


One thought on “A New Book about Pizza

  1. Mandy {KitchenJoy}

    As always, loved your post. I will have to get my hands on a copy of Viva la Pizza..sounds like a great read! My favorite local book shop is going out of business this week and I picked up a bunch of new books at a huge discount. One of them was “Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo’s most unlikely noodle joint” by Ivan Orkin. I don’t know a thing about Ramen, but I am desperately curious and it looks like it should be a good read. Looking forward to getting the time to read it more in depth.


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