On the Cookie Dough Oreo

"American" Foods at Selfridges
Earlier this week, when I was thinking that Tuesday was actually Wednesday, I was prematurely excited about reading the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times.  One half of my brain recoiled at this disturbingly grown-up thought.  The other half was already enjoying the stories I would read.

Guess which side won out?

The article (and accompanying video) on the cookie dough Oreo captured my attention for various reasons.  There’s the strange science behind creating flavors that resembles a low-class molecular gastronomy.  There’s the rhetoric used in advertising the product.  There’s the mixed-up relationship between pleasure and torture in eating it.  We can’t forget about the psychology of taste and buying.

Nabisco Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo Cookies Closeup

Flickr via The Impulsive Buy

What do people  have to say about this treat? Business Insider’s taste-comparison with the marshmallow crispy cookie describes them as ,”The cream tastes sort of like Lucky Charms, sort of like maple syrup, basically just a murky sweet taste. The ‘chocolatey’ chips taste like nothing more than slightly harder flecks of sugar”.  Peanut Butter & Awesome remarked, “These cookies are supposed to taste like other cookies, but they ended up tasting more like Canada.”  Yumsugar was slightly nicer, “we’d best describe these as some very confused mocha Oreos. Tasty to be sure (if coffee-flavored sweets are your thing), but mislabled.”

After reading about these cookies, my instinct is to run as far away from the grocery store as possible.  Or, perhaps wander the aisles, looking for the next funny thing to capture our attention.  Yes, that should do quite nicely.

Would you try the cookie dough oreo?  Have you?


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