On Pizza News

It’s pizza week on Eater.  Sparking hunger cravings for some and knowledge cravings for others.  I’ve been eagerly following along, interested in some articles, not so interested in others.  The articles they choose are interesting and very Eater.  They’ve discussed the ‘elements’ of various pizzas (see Al Forno’s grilled pizza and Malnati’s deep dish pie) and had a voting contest to decide the best pizzeria in New York.  Fun and light articles that make you want to eat some pizza, or think about it at least.

If you only look at the food reviews, you’re missing out.  The two stand-out posts from this week aren’t as light but they get closer to the heart of pizza’s why.  ‘Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About Pizza Anymore?‘ will make you question the role the pie plays in our current dining scene (my verdict? it’s having an identity crisis).  ‘A Complete Guide to New York City Pizza Styles‘ is a semiotic paradise waiting to be decoded.

Here’s the question I want to know: how many changes can you make to pizza?  How much can we talk about pizza as something ‘new’?  Pizza is partly fascinating because it’s a crafted, invented food, but one that has solidified itself into our cultural understanding so that there isn’t a straight-forward answer to its history.  Consequently, there’s not a straight forward answer as to where it can, or should, go next.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop thinking about it.

Have you read any good articles recently?


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