22 Things for 22


I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling 22.  But I am. (sorry, had to get that out of my system).

While my birthday this year doesn’t involve any Coffee Collective cortados, nor will it enjoy the end of exams as my 18th did, it seems wrong to let the day go by completely unnoticed.  Rather than celebrating, I’ll be sitting at university on a bank holiday that’s also my birthday, partially thrilled that there are no ‘cinco de mayo’ parties to attend.  Here’s a list of the 22 coolest things I did last year:

  1. 21st birthday in Copenhagen
  2. Get 30 lode on a literature exam in Italy
  3. Working social media for Sweet Lemon
  4. Finish reading the Divine Comedy
  5. Travel to Stockholm (on my own!)
  6. SKANSEN!!!
  7. Work at the British Library
  8. Attend an open day at l’università di scienze gastronomiche
  9. Work on my independent study
  10. Work with Epigram
  11. Drop Coffee
  12. Do a skype interview
  13. Bake the pistachio layer cake from Momofuku Milk Bar
  14. Drink coffee at Budin
  15. Go to Naples!
  16. Discover semiotics
  17. Eat countless ‘veggie omelette’ on a ‘multi-cereali’ bagel at The Bagel Factory (and return)
  18. Take a croissant baking class at Mille feuille
  19. Discover my go-to croissant in Bristol
  20. Read Into Thin Air (one of my favorite books. ever.)
  21. Made and ate hindbaersnitter
  22. Fourth year of university (and on that note…)



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