On translation and ‘Indietro’

The funny thing about the internet is that you can try to force it into poignant moments but the durability of what you post makes it wonderfully awkward.  This post is scheduled to go up at 9:15 am EST on 29 May 2014, exactly the moment when I begin my last exam of university.  But you could be reading it at 10:45 am on that same day, when I’m scheduled to finish it.  Or, perhaps, we’ve jumped into the future by a month, a year or more and you’re laughing at my rampant nostalgia.

But I can’t let this moment go by without some form of awkward, public acknowledgement.  So I give you Tiziano Ferro’s ‘Indietro’.  I first heard the song during a trip to Italy in 2009.  The trip that made me fall in love with the country.  I proceeded to listen to it all year long, allowing it to fuel me through AP exams and remind me what I was working for.  Now I listen to it, allowing it to motivate me once again, but hearing it in a completely new way.

While the song has remained the same during these past 5 years, my relationship with it has profoundly and dramatically changed.  When I first heard it, it sounded pretty.  Now when I listen to it I hear Tiziano Ferro saying ‘l’amore va veloce e tu stai indietro’.  Not only do I hear it, I understand it.

And with that, let’s get to work.


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