Drinking Coffee in Bergen

Apple cake and cappuccino

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the coffee lover’s Grand Norwegian Tour finishes at Oslo. The journey doesn’t have an obvious next leg. If you had to think of one, you wouldn’t choose Bergen, with its twisting lanes, large cruise ships and hilly landscape. But, should you find yourself in Bergen, you’ll discover there’s a surprising amount of charming cafes to sample in this small coastal city.

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet

Googling ‘best coffee in Bergen’ sends you down a one-way street to Det Lille Kaffekompaniet. One visit and you’ll understand why. Although the café is steps away from the crowded funicular up Mt. Fløibanen, the immediate surrounding area transforms from crowded tourist confusion into coffee oasis. White clapboard houses line the street, flowers bloom spontaneously between cobblestones and some are artfully arranged in window boxes. With the beautiful scenery, and neighboring chaos, it’s easy to walk distractedly past Det Lille Kaffekompaniet. But when you do spot it, you’ll find it impossible to turn away. Not because the interior is attractive; it isn’t. There’s a smattering of tables and chairs with a bar area that is suffocating-ly dark for summer, but acceptable for winter. If it’s a nice day, drink your coffee outside where there are some tables nicely arranged around the door. Fortunately, the two times I stopped by were lovely and I was able to enjoy my cortado and filter coffee outside. The coffee is deeply flavoured but not over powering with a nicely mellow finish that complements the laid back environment. But the stellar slice of apple cake, and cinnamon roll, could have influenced my opinion.

Cortado and cappucino

After getting a taste of less-touristy Bergen, you’ll likely want more. Make your way down a hill to Kaffemisjonen on Korskirkeallmenning. The café is big and surprisingly cosy given its high ceilings, concrete floors and metal tables. When I went on a sunny Wednesday morning in late June, the space was nearly empty except for a few people reading the newspaper and working on computers. My cortado was a touch milkier than I’d prefer and the taste verged on milk chocolate drowned in milk. The cappuccino was a similar milky disappointment. If I went back, I’d choose either a filter coffee or an espresso. They serve plenty of different roasters, enough to make you become a regular without ever having a go-to coffee. But if you’re pressed for time, Kaffemisjonen might the place to miss.


Because you won’t want to miss Bastant and nearby Bryggen, the UNESCO world heritage site and reconstruction of medieval Hanseatic trading village which draws cruise ships from all over the world to Bergen. You can wander through alleys, admire the restoration work and gawk at wooden beams all while dithering on whether or not to buy a commemorative reindeer sweater. When you grow weary, wind your way to the middle alley and look for Bastant. Bastant is a proper café, the kind you’d be happy to find in any neighbourhood in any city, not to mention a reconstructed medieval city in Norway. Inside is a dimly lit sanctuary. There’s a bar immediately to the left of the entrance with ample seating scattered through out the café. They serve meals and pastries as well as a hot drinks menu that includes things like hot chocolate and chai in addition to coffee. If you’re eager to immerse yourself in Bryggen’s unique atmosphere, nab one of the tables outside. Even if you want to avoid the crowds with cameras, Bastant’s coffee merits a stop. My cortado — a shot of espresso with regular milk poured in according to my preference— was my favorite of the coffees I had in Bergen. It was rich with hints of blueberry and blackberry that were reminiscent of wine. Had I more than a day in Bergen, I would have returned to try a pour over with a cookie, regardless of whether I could sit outside.


Drinking coffee and walking around Bergen reminded me of Bristol and not just because of the hills. The coffee scene is small, but has the kind of cafés at which you’d be happy to be a regular. I’d love to enjoy the streets around Det Lille Kaffekompaniet a few more times. If I went back to Kaffemisjonen, I’d know what to order. When I needed my dose of history, I’d eagerly sip a cortado and nibble on a cookie at Bastant. Bergen might not have Oslo’s reputation for high-profile coffee, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great cups hiding behind a few select corners.


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