Long-live the rainbow cookie

2 rainbow cookies

Photograph via World To Table

You can keep your brittle gingersnaps, your tough chocolate pinwheels, and your stale shortbread (Though if those are fresh I smell in the oven? Save one for me!). I’ll be over here happily munching my chewy-moist and shockingly bright three-layer rainbow cookies. What’s that you say? Rainbow cookies are heavy monsters that taste like someone dumped a vat of food colouring into them then coated them in brown vegetable oil? It’s time you discovered exceedingly delicious and surprisingly springy homemade rainbow cookies.

I’ve always been an ardent rainbow cookie eater. When faced with the cookie case at my local bakery, it was the cookie I chose when I couldn’t talk my parents into buying me a giant chocolate-dipped, jam-filled monster. But it never played second-fiddle. How could you say no to the raspberry jam that provides just enough sticky-sweetness to secure together three slightly-dense and supremely chewy layers? The chocolate coating was a secondary. When I ate it, if I ate it, I picked it off first to prolong my rainbow cookie ecstasy. Then — following in the footsteps of most Italian-American bakeries in Brooklyn —my local rainbow-cookie supplier transformed magically into a hip clothing store. No matter, I’d just have to make my own.

If making your own rainbow cookies seems like a fanatical endeavour, you’re correct. This is not the cookie to make if you don’t love chewy-almond paste enriched cakes; are indifferent to jam; or don’t want to dip everything in chocolate. If you don’t want to spend your day in the kitchen, don’t make rainbow cakes. But, if you’re like me and that sounds earth-shatteringly amazing, then it’s time to break out the electric beaters, dust off the spatula and run out the grocery store to fight the other shoppers for all the food colouring and almond paste (what’s that? No one else is buying them? Ha! More for you). It’s time to make rainbow cookies.


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