Five Friday Reads 16.1.15

Bike and street in Vienna

  • Drink Like a Colonial American Day‘ from Four Pounds Flour. Could you survive drinking like a colonial American? With whiskey before noon and cider at every meal, I sure couldn’t!
  • Emilia Terragni on a cook book’s crucial ingredients‘ from Phaidon. Love them or hate them, Phaidon has released some seriously impressive cookbooks over the past years. But are these expensive books the most valuable tomes in our library? This is a recap of a discussion from last year’s Food Book Fair.
  • Wylie Dufresne Looks Back at wd~50’s Iconic Eggs Benedict‘ from Eater NY. With a few smears of egg and some bobbly fried bits on a plate, you’d never guess at the research, thought, and work that goes into making this dish.
  • Living My Best 1848 Life‘ from Laphraim’s Quarterly Blog. I know I’m not the only one who kinda-sorta would love to work at a living history museum. Here’s what it’s like. “…I still live my life in two timelines, and at a moment’s notice 1848 will come rushing back to me.”
  • ‘Place Matters’ from The Taste Culture Reader. Although terroir is frequently cited as causing various tastes in agricultural products, the cultural ramifications are rarely discussed. This article does precisely that.

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