Five Friday Reads 23.1.15


  • Cookbook Review: Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune‘ from Eater. Unlike the other reviews which ranged from obvious — there are no headnotes and index! — to needlessly gushing — you can MAKE those brunch recipes! — Eater’s Paula Forbes hits the nail on the head when discussing Prune: it’s a fascinating book that has some stuff to teach us, but in trying to buck the trend, Hamilton has muddled her vision.
  • If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino. After reading Invisible Cities at university, I wasn’t convinced I was a fan of Calvino. Wrong. If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler is slightly ridiculous, quite thought-provoking and completely absorbing.
  • The Way the Cookie Crumbles’ from Slate. I want to make a new rule: now one can reference Proust’s madeleine unless they’ve written their PhD dissertation on Proust. This article though? This is the exception. An intriguing article about what Proust’s madeleine might have tasted like, and why comparison is bogus.
  • How to Cook the Perfect Vegetarian Haggis‘ from The Guardian. Heavy on the offal, vegetarian haggis should be an oxymoron. But after reading Felicity Cloake’s thoughtfull description of her meat-free version, I’m eager to give the veg version a go.
  • What We Give Up When We Become Entrepreneurs‘ from New York Magazine. Why has the office endured? Because it provides a built-in professional and personal support network coupled with a purpose-drive atmosphere that emphasizes the individual’s contribution to society. Long live the office.

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