Friday Five 06.02.2015

Red house on lake

  • James Wood & Karl Ove Knausgaard, Writing My Struggle: An Exchange‘ from The Paris Review. If you, like me, are eagerly awaiting the fourth volume of Knausgaard’s My Struggle, you’ll find the Norwegian writer’s discussion with The New Yorker‘s James Wood a thought-provoking read. (The full interview is available in print).
  • The new chip: what’s the best alternative to the potato fry‘ from The Guardian. Whether you’re sick of the same old fried potatoes or just looking to change things up, this funny and rather insightful article from The Guardian demonstrates why the paper’s food section is one of the best.
  • Manufacturing Taste‘ from The Walrus. Kraft Dinner, Kraft’s blue box macaroni and cheese, is a staple of Canadian culture. But this taste didn’t always exist and, with the recent influx of immigrants, it’s far from stable.
  • Tight Spaces and Salsa-stained Aprons‘ from The Restaurants Book. From the first paragraph when Karla Erickson asks us to suspend what we know about dining at restaurants and think of it as a dance, to the closing remarks about the delineations of public/private, this article is a refreshing look at how to perceive the space of the restaurant.
  • Al Dente: A History of Food in Italy by Fabio Parasecoli. While Parasecoli compellingly traces Italian history through the country’s eating habits, what sets the book apart is his analysis of the recent changes in Italy’s food culture.

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