Friday Five 13.02.2015

The highline

  • Against Terroir‘ by Zachary Nowak via If you’re not convinced that terroir is a real, tastable, reality, you’ll find yourself nodding along to this convincing, well-researched article.
  • Pete Wells and Adam Platt on Cosme from The New York Times and New York Magazine. It seems as if all anyone has talked about recently is Enrique Olvera’s first international venture, Cosme. But is his new restaurant the shot-in-the-arm that will catapult Mexican food from bargain basement to top shelf? Maybe. But, then again, maybe not.
  • 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Is it cheating to include a book I’m still reading? Possibly. But entering into the immersive world of this in-depth, all-encompassing novel makes you want to read little else.
  • Eating Cheese in China‘ from Slate. The Chinese don’t eat much cheese. But they do eat a good amount of stinky, fermented food. What’s it like when Westerners and Chinese trade rotten delicacies? Fuchsia Dunlop finds out.
  • ‘Cabin Fever’ from Monocle Alpino. Cabins! Repurposing spaces! The interaction between indoors and outdoors! I would gladly live in any of these mountain hideaways.

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