Five Friday Reads 20.02.2015

Snowshoe trail

  • Nobody Doesn’t Love a Cake with a Runny Center‘ from Lucky Peach. If the words ‘molten chocolate cake’ make you groan, read Lucky Peach’s humorous take on the now cliched dessert.
  • The All-American Mall Explained in Six Charts‘ from Bloomberg Business. Why are doughnuts so popular in New England malls whereas gelato rules the Southwest? These fascinating charts bring up a series of questions regarding the everyday indulgences of regional groups.
  • All About Japanese Curry Rice‘ from Serious Eats. Even if I wasn’t interested in everything Japanese after reading 1Q84, Japanese curry would capture my attention. Rich, thick, eaten with a spoon and typically made with the help of curry roux cubes this cultural calque is a fascinating mix of cultures.
  • What makes Birmingham Balti unique?‘ from BBC News. Balti, a dish from Birmingham quickly cooked in an earthenware pot over high heat without ghee, has recently applied for TSG (traditional speciality guaranteed) status to protect the dish from pale imitations. Will this decidedly non-Anglo dish get the marker? And, if so, what does that mean for British identity?
  • Salty, Sweet, Sour. Is It Time to Make Fat the Sixth Taste?‘ from NPR The Salt. While it’s evident that low-fat and full-fat products are different experiences, are the unique sensations they create different enough to be called a taste? It depends on how we define taste and perception.

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