Five Friday Reads 27.02.2015

Post Office in Pavia in snow


  • The World Permutations of Pasta‘ from Munchies. Who invented noodles? I think Brady Ng would say it doesn’t much matter with a food so delicious and infinitely culturally adaptable.
  • Demystifying Sake, the Perfect Beverage for All Occasions‘ from Eater. Sake is rice wine, but that’s not all.  This article ventures into how sake is brewed to figure out what makes the rice wine so special (and whether you should drink it warm or chilled).
  • Tell Us About the Arctic‘ from Louisiana Museum on Youtube. The Arctic: the coldest place on earth with the least amount of life. So why are we so endlessly fascinated with it? Denmark’s Louisiana Museum asked a group writers, explorers and scientists to tell us about the allure of the North.
  • All Things Ramen‘ from Monocle. Why is Japanese a difficult language to learn? It’s super specific in describing sensorial experiences that us outsiders can only begin to discern.
  • Food & Consequences: The Meaning of “Food”‘ from Lucky Peach. What do we mean when we say food? We mean bread, we mean ubwali, we mean that cultural zero that completes the meal.

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