Five Friday Reads 06.03.2015

Spot the Moomins!

  • This Arctic Seed Vault Could Save Our Food Future‘ from Munchies. I’m not usually a fan of Vice Munchies’ pop take on food, but this is probably the best look at the Svalbard seed vault you’re going to get. And if it has the word Svalbard in it, I’m clicking.
  • Danish Porridge‘ from Prospect Magazine. British ex-pat Sally Laird explores how Danish hospitals integrate their patients into the local community through practice and, yes, through food.
  • My Saga, part one‘ from New York Times Magazine. Yes, Knausgaard wrote a long article for the New York Times Magazine. But his refreshingly mundane outlook on North America, and interesting relationship with Viking history, make the lengthy article worthy of your morning commute.
  • Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious‘ from Washington Post. Despite the article’s slightly misplaced mathematical stance, it argues that Indian food is so unique in using lots of different flavors without overlapping profiles. Interesting to think about next time you enjoy some chana saag!
  • The Magical Realism of Norwegian Nights‘ from The New York Times. What’s it like to live in Norway’s far North in winter? A permanent twilight, a gentle fog.

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