Five Friday Reads 13.03.2015

Kamppi in Helsinki

  • Crisis in Korea as younger generation abandons kimchi‘ from The Guardian. Although kimjang, the communal act of making kimchi, was recently put on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list, Koreans import most of their beloved fermented cabbage from China, leading kimchi purists to fear for the product’s future.
  • How to Make Incredibly Simple, Incredibly Delicious Pasta e Fagioli‘ from Serious Eats. Daniel hits the nail on the head in describing Italian food: there are a billion variations, so why not try a simple version.
  • 7 Cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S.’ from Mother Nature Network. From Danish hygge to Japanese wabi sabi, this article presents 7 fascinating cultural concepts that demonstrate the wonderful mutability of culture.
  • The Seven-Minute Egg‘ from Saveur. An entire article about soft-boiling an egg for seven minutes? In Molly Wizenberg’s capable hands, an article about boiling an egg for seven minutes is easily one of the most insightful articles you’ll read this week.
  • ‘Being René Redzepi’ from Oak: The Nordic Journal. Sure, we’ve all heard about Redzepi, Noma and his penchant for serving foraged dishes, but here’s a look at what it’s like a regular day is like running number one restaurant in the world.

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