Friday Five 20.03.15

Behind the Grand Place

  • Where Did Curry Come From?‘ from Slate. A spicy creamy curry is generally considered Indian, or possibly Thai. But it turns out that the dish’s roots may pre-date its appearance in either country.
  • Chocolate Experts Hate Mast Brothers‘ from Slate. If you’ve ever tried a beautifully wrapped chocolate from Brooklyn’s favorite chocolatiers, you’ll know the flavor can be a bit of a shock. But is it the mark of quality? Industry experts weight in.
  • How Cereal Became the Quintessential American Breakfast‘ from Serious Eats. Cereal might be the picture of a routine weekday breakfast, but it wasn’t always. This article traces cereal’s evolution from health food and sugar-packed energy bomb to its current battle to remain relevant admist changing dietary concerns.
  • Extreme cod feasting — as only the Norwegians know how‘ from The Guardian. Before oil, the Norwegians made a name for themselves as cod fishers. Turns out that the fish might be the secret to their healthy lifestyle and good demeanor.
  • Inking Ahead — Tokyo’ from Monocle. The Japanese are well known for being stationary nuts. Here’s an inside look into how they’ve keep tradition alive and produce astounding innovative pencils and pens.

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