Five Friday Reads 27.03.2015


  • How Britain got the hots for curry‘ from BBC News. Curry is an Indian food that’s quite popular in the UK, right? Wrong, it’s much more complicated than that.
  • How to make the perfect saag paneer‘ from The Guardian. Chana saag is probably my favorite dish, ever, but nearly impossible to make a truly crave-worthy version at home. I can’t wait to give this version a go, with or without the paneer.
  • The Forme of Cury‘ via Manchester University’s library. The Forme of Cury was a later fourteenth century cookbook commissioned by Richard II. Manchester University has digitized a selection from the book, making for a fascinating afternoon of browsing.
  • The Bean Doctor‘ from Orangette. Ever since reading about these creamy, simple beans on Orangette, I’ve been thinking about when I’ll be able to make myself a pot. I think I’ve found my new post-work staple.
  • Face of a Nation‘ from Monocle. From Hello Kitty to Doraemon, the Japanese are known for their cute and kooky mascots. Monocle takes an in-depth look at what, and who, makes these carton characters come to life.

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